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Think and Recruit outside the box and easily create an engaging applicant experience with Nouvohire recruiting software.


The look and feel of your career pages has a direct effect on how candidates feel about your company and the open jobs for which they may want to apply. While designing Nouvohire recruitment software, we have give special attention to making your careers pages provide a consistent and intuitive interface to the applicants so they are more likely to spend more time on your careers site and pay attention the information you are sharing with them. Nouvohire fully-hosted careers pages, managed via Nouvohire applicant tracking system, are designed to seamlessly blend into your corporate site and provide an awesome-looking interface into your open jobs.


Nouvohire is the leading recruiting platform for the social web. Today’s fastest-growing companies use social recruiting software solutions, recruiter CRM and applicant tracking from Nouvohire to target the right talent and build the best teams.

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